Scented Bedding

Why have we created a scented bedding range? Horses spend a lot of time in their stables and therefore the main product they come into contact with the majority of the time is their bedding – equally as horse owners you spend a large amount of your time mucking out the bedding!

Our Miscanthus SMART bedding is an ultra-absorbent bedding type making it the perfect bedding product to be scented or infused with the smallest amount of scent which is then locked into the bedding allowing it to give off this scent in the stable.

Our eucalyptus scented bedding is perfect for the winter months – it acts as a mild decongestant for your horse and even you the horse owner as you muck out!

Our lavender scent helps to calm and relieve stress in your horse however also this can transfer to you. Be greeted by a nice lavender smelling stable rather than the alternative! 😉

Our citronella scented bedding is the perfect choice for Spring through Summer – helping to keep pesky bugs away from your horse and you.

Essential oils are used to scent the bedding and such small quantities are used there really should be no adverse reactions –  all bedding types are tested on our own ethos horses as well as a pick of regular customers horses before being launched onto the marketplace.