Ethos Miscanthus Bedding is a completely natural, sustainable alternative to wood shavings and other forms of horse bedding. It has been created with the welfare of horses in mind and is clean, hygienic and the most environmentally friendly equine bedding product on the market!

The Ethos Bedding Range:

Our horse bedding is 100% pure chipped Miscanthus an      eco-friendly, cost effective, superior bedding product and comes in 'Original' and 3 great scents.



Pure and unscented

Euchalyptus Fragrance


A mild decongestant



Calming & stress relieving properties

Citronella Fragrance


An insect deterrent

A perfect bed

Miscanthus is ideal for horse and pet bedding - unlike many wood-based bedding products, it dries naturally in the field, which guarantees an extremely low (10-15%) moisture content.

We have a tried and tested process for cutting the miscanthus down for bedding which involves exposing more of the inner pith making this a much more absorbent product than alternatives in the marketplace. Our Miscanthus Bedding is highly absorbent which means you need to muck out less and use less bedding, saving you time and money!

Did you know our Miscanthus Bedding is Carbon Negative?

Our bedding is made from chipped Miscanthus. Miscanthus is a bamboo like crop also referred to as Elephant Grass, you can read more about it on its own Wiki page here

When growing in the field, the Miscanthus crop is a carbon sink absorbing carbon in order to grow up to 10 feet in height – for every tonne of Miscanthus produced it can absorb 3 tonnes of Co2, thus making Miscanthus a carbon negative crop to grow and process – what Co2 it absorbs outweighs any Co2 produced in the harvesting and processing of it!

Ready to find out more?

Read more about Miscanthus here...

Our Packaging

Recycled and recyclable

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and, where possible, made from recycled plastic.

How to use ethos Smart Bedding

How do I use it?

Smart Bedding can be used in the same way as all traditional beddings. However, we would recommend it for a time saving deep litter system.

How many bales do I need?

You will normally require 5-7 bales to start a bed in a standard 12ft x 12ft stable. Depending on bed size.

How deep should it be?

We recommend a bed depth of approximately 5 inches/ 12 cm.

Should I add water?

It may be necessary to lightly water your new clean bed to set it. This helps prevent the bedding moving when the horse lies on it for the first time. Use water sparingly.

Daily bed maintenance.

Remove droppings on a daily basis and wet patches as required.

Should I lift & turn?

It is not necessary to lift and turn all bedding as it is designed to bed down and produce a  firm secure bed.

How often should I top up?

To keep your bed fresh and looking great we would recommend 1-2 bales a week depending on what system you chose to use. 

Will my horse eat it?

Due to its dry nature it is usually unpalatable to horses. It has been fat pony tested! However if your horse was to eat a small amount they would come to no harm as it’s a natural product. However if they do develop a taste for it we would recommend using one of our scented beddings.

BETA Innovation Award Ethos

Award winning

We launched ethos Smart Bedding in January 2020 and we were thrilled to receive an award the same month at BETA International!  We won highly commended for our efforts in sustainability and unique use of scents within our bedding range. So, if you decided to use Smart bedding for your horse not only are you making the most eco-friendly choice you will be treating your horse to an award winning bed too!!!