Chopping Miscanthus for ethos bedding

Our history

Find out who is behind ethos eco-friendly bedding and feed:

ethos is part of family-owned farming business Wilson Farms, who have more than 40 years’ experience working in agriculture.

Eco-friendly equine bedding & feed is our future.

All of our products are grown and processed on site in the beautiful English county of Shropshire.

Our vision

It is our vision to harness the awesome power of our crops and deliver eco-friendly bedding and feed products to our customers in the most environmentally friendly way. We will ensure every step of the process has the least impact on the environment that we possibly can.

Additionally, the ethos vision continues through the entire brand, with a commitment to reduce the use of packaging, green power, eco haulage solutions and zero single use plastics throughout the company, with more new initiatives and improvements planned as the brand grows.

Make sure to watch the video at the top of this page about Harry's Mission and our vision for ethos.


Miscanthus Crops
eco-friendly bedding & feed

Carbon Footprint

We're proud to say our Miscanthus Smart Bedding is a carbon negative product. For every tonne of Miscanthus growth 3.4 tonnes of carbon is absorbed. The amount absorbed outweighs any Co2 produced in the harvesting and processing of it.

Additionally, for every 200 bales of ethos bedding or feed sold, we will plant an extra tree that will absorb loads more Co2, all helping to reduce our country’s carbon hoof print! By buying our products you will help us to plant 1,000’s of trees a year.

ethos’s introductory ranges will include Smart Bedding and Feeds for horses and pets. All of which will share the same environmental vision of being as eco friendly as possible while offering the very finest products available.

eco-friendly bedding & feed

The Plastic Fight

We cannot ignore the plight single-use plastic is having on our environment worldwide. We want to make a guarantee to our customers that our products or packaging will not add to this environmental scourge.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastic.