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We want to harness the awesome power of our crops and deliver green and clean feed and bedding products to our customers in the most environmentally friendly way, ensuring every step of the process has the least impact on the environment that we possibly can.

eco-friendly bedding & feed

Packaging - Recycled & 100% Recyclable.

We are so incredibly proud to say that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable & made from recycled plastic. So it has been used before and, with your help, will be used again !


eco-friendly bedding & feed

Carbon Negative

When growing in the field the Miscanthus crop swallows up carbon in order to grow up to 10 metres in height – for every tonne of Miscanthus produced it can absorb 3.42 tonnes of Co2, thus making Miscanthus a carbon negative crop to grow and process.

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