Miscanthus the wonder crop!

Here on the farm at ethos HQ we joke “Mighty Miscanthus” and “Miscanthus has Superpowers”. However, it really isn’t a joke, Miscanthus truly is a naturally grown superhero and we are proud to grow 80% of the UK’s Miscanthus ‘superhero’ crops!


Carbon Negative  

The Miscanthus crop acts like a sink swallowing up carbon in order to grow up to 10m in height – for every tonne of Miscanthus produced it can absorb 3.42 tonnes of CO2, thus making Miscanthus a carbon negative crop to grow and process – what CO2 it absorbs outweighs any CO2 produced in the harvesting and processing of it.

Learn more about carbon negativity here

A perfect bed

As a natural, biodegradable plant, miscanthus is ideal for creating bedding material. Unlike many wood-based bedding products, it dries naturally in the field, which guarantees an extremely low (10-15%) moisture content. 

We have a tried and tested process for cutting the miscanthus down for bedding which involves exposing more of the inner pith making this a much more absorbent product than alternatives in the marketplace, our Miscanthus Smart Bedding can absorb 3x its own weight in liquid which means you need to muck out less, use less top up bales, saving you time and money!

Beneficial to wildlife

Miscanthus is an excellent wildlife cover.  The permanent crop provides shelter to numerous animals.  An improved biodiversity of small mammals and insects will also provide food for wildlife.


Every bale of Smart Bedding can be traced back to the exact field from which it was produced, including harvesting dates, moisture content and processing methods