ethos blissful bedding is made using 100% pure chipped miscanthus, it is cut into small, soft and manageable ‘chips’ suitable for your treasured pets.

A perfect bed

Miscanthus is ideal for pet bedding - unlike many wood-based bedding products, it dries naturally in the field, which guarantees an extremely low (10-15%) moisture content.

We have a tried and tested process for cutting the miscanthus down for bedding which involves exposing more of the inner pith making this a much more absorbent product than alternatives in the marketplace, our Blissful Bedding can absorb 3x its own weight in liquid which means you need to clean out less, top up the bedding less, saving you time and money!

Did you know Blissful Bedding is Carbon Negative?

Blissful Bedding is made from chipped Miscanthus. Miscanthus is a bamboo like crop also referred to as Elephant Grass, you can read more about it on its own Wiki page here

When growing in the field the Miscanthus crop acts like a sink swallowing up carbon in order to grow up to 10 feet in height – for every tonne of Miscanthus produced it can absorb 3.42 tonnes of Co2, thus making Miscanthus a carbon negative crop to grow and process – what Co2 it absorbs outweighs any Co2 produced in the harvesting and processing of it.

Ready to find out more?

Read more about Miscanthus here...

Handy Packaging

recycled & Recyclable

Not only is our packaging 100% recyclable but it is made from recycled plastic so it has been used before and will be used again !