Pet Feeds

Here at ethos we know that the ideal healthy diet for your Rabbit or Guinea Pig is one that is forage based. Our pets should have unlimited access to good quality forage. It not only keeps them busy for long periods of time, helping to prevent behavioural problems and reduce boredom but it helps to keep the teeth trim and maintain a healthy gut allowing for correct digestion.

With this in mind, we have created forage based feed products from 100% natural ingredients to help provide your pet with all the nutrients and roughage that they will need to keep them healthy.

Happy Hay

Tasty Timothy !

Our ethos Tasty Timothy is 100% fine quality Timothy grass, cut and dried at the optimum time.

This nutritionally rich grass has long stems to encourage your pet to forage as they would naturally in the wild. These long stems also ensure that they are continuously chewing, helping to keep their teeth trim. Every bag of our Tasty Timothy can be traced back to the exact field from which it was produced.

Meadow Munch

Our ethos Meadow Munch is made from 100% dried meadow grass that is cut and dried the same day to retain as much of its natural goodness as possible. It is a completely natural, highly palatable and dust free product. Our Meadow Munch is a great treat for your pet due to its high feed value when fresh grass is not available. Every bag of our Meadow Munch can be traced back to the exact field from which it was produced.