100% natural forage feeds.

Meadow Munch

100% Dried Meadow Grass

with nothing added

Absolute Alfalfa

100% Alfalfa with a

sprinkling of linseed oil.

Forage Fusion

50% Alfalfa and 50% oat straw with a sprinkling of linseed oil.

Coming soon....

Forage Fusion Lite
Absolute Alfalfa + oil

Meadow Munch

100% Dried Meadowgrass

Meadow Munch is made up of 100% meadowgrass, it is cut and dried the same day to retain as much of its natural goodness as possible. Every bale of Meadow Munch can be traced back to the exact field from which it was produced.

It is a completely natural, highly palatable and dust free product.

It has a higher feed value than grass, which is around 90% water, meaning it can be used to supplement or replace hard feed.

Due to its soft nature it is idea as a hay replacer for fussy feeders, horses with dental issues and elderly horses who struggle to eat hay/haylage and maintain condition.

This product is not suitable in large quantities for horses or ponies prone to laminitis.

Absolute Alfalfa is a natural, nutrient rich, high fibre product suitable for horses in all levels of work, including at rest.

Our Alfalfa is cut fresh and artificially dried the same day to retain as much goodness as possible. Our product is 100% natural as we do not add any preservatives to it during processing so you can rest assured that you are feeding your horse just what nature intended. We leave some length to our chop to encourage chewing to support your horses digestive tract and add a sprinkling of linseed oil to the alfalfa so that we can include some of the nutritious plant leaves in the product. Artificially dried alfalfa contains more digestible proteins than hay.

Our Alfalfa is high in Protein and calcium to support your horses bone and muscle development making it a great product for breeding livestock. The high level of Carotene ensures good resistance, growth and fertility. It also contains more biotin than grass which helps support healthy hoof horn development.

Alfalfa has been proven to be a great benefit to horses at risk from Gastric ulcers due to its superior buffering capacity as it can reduce acid splashback if horses are feed a small amount before exercise.

Absolute Alfalfa

Absolute Alfalfa +

Absolute Alfalfa + oil is a natural, nutrient rich, high fibre product suitable for horses in all levels of work.

We add pure oil to the Alfalfa during processing to create a feed for horses and ponies that require more energy and condition but without the fizziness that can be associated with cereal feeds as oil creates a slow release energy.  

Our Forage Fusion range are 2 unique blends of our natural alfalfa and high-quality oat straw. Forage fusion is 50% alfalfa and 50% oat Straw and our Forage Fusion Lite is 25% alfalfa and 75% oat straw.

They have been designed to benefit not only leisure horses and ponies but those competition horses that need to watch their waistline!

By nature, horses are grazers and have a large hind gut specifically designed for digesting fibre. In the wild, horses grazed on whatever grass, weeds or shrubs were available which would all have had varying nutritional levels. However, today we have access to modified grass specimens, fertilisers and better pasture management that can provide us with high quality pastures with increased nutrient levels which for the majority of horses and ponies can be a burden.

It is a high quality, low calorie option for your horse or pony. With low sugar and starch it is the perfect high fibre maintenance feed or hay replacer for those equines just needing a forage based diet. It is suitable for those prone to laminitis 

We add no molasses,  just a light sprinkling of linseed oil to our product so what you get is a 100% natural feed as we like to feed our horses and ponies as nature intended.

We recommend that you feed our Forage Fusion feeds with a Low calorie balancer or a broad spectrum supplement to ensure that your horse or pony receives a balanced diet.

Forage Fusion & Forage Fusion Lite